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Are you cleanly inside?

How to conquer the constipation, the distension, the weariness and the skin diseases of such form that we have more energy and a flatter abdomen?
Authoress: () Heather Johnstone, Ph. D, R.N. A.P.N., Director of Global Natural College of Medicine.

The persons whose photos and histories it is going to to find on this page, also have suffered of constipation, Syndrome of the Irritable Intestine (SII), severe gases, inflammation, increase of weight, chronic fatigue, ebb, parasites, stomach pain, diverticulitis, problems with the hair and the skin and many other infirmities. They finished his suffering cleaning itself internally.

I am the Dra. Johnstone and while he is reading this article word for word, I will be telling how they did it and how also you can achieve it also. If you have been suffering from these problems in some time, it is sure that everything has tried it so that they disappear. It has tried it with laxatives, medicines, medicines without recipe, supplements of fibre and up to perhaps the colonoscopia or surgery. Quite without any mitigation and he still keeps on suffering. Why? Because the root of the problem has never been eliminated.

The root of the problem and the dirtiest secret

Of that time, what is the root of these digestive problems? Look at the photo.
How would one feel if long strips of old fecal old matter full of toxins Photoswere clogged inside his colon for months, years and up to decades? Would you feel constipating, puffed up and without forces? Would his intestine irritated by sayings be detritus day by day causing him what is called a Syndrome of Intestinal Inflammation? One imagine what other problems this poisonous fecal matter can cause. Stomach pain and constipation? Fatigue, gases and inflammation? Headaches and indigestion? Increase of weight and a big belly? The list is endless.

"The death begins for the colon"

Perhaps you have not heard it till now but nowadays, this is literally the dirtiest secret in the United States as he it will publish That correctly the magazine They would Vegetate Steal:

"Of all the conversation topics, the state of the intestines probably is the last one in the list of many persons. It is necessary to admit that the Syndrome of the Irritable Intestine (SII), the constipation, the gases, the divertculos and the cancer of the colon are not topics which we want to discuss. In spite of this, as he says the saying, the death begins for the colon. Do not believe it? Ask any manager of doing autopsies. The autopsies reveal often that there have been persons who have had up to 80 % of the colon obstrudo with fecal matter."
- They would vegetate Steal, March, 1998.

Improve his life!

Stop suffering in silence for these painful problems of health learning how the pollution of the organism and a poisonous colon can be the cause of these discomforts. On this page you will find the truth on the cleanliness and detoxification of the colon, since I will explain in detail the following topics:

Why is it essential to clean and desintoxicar his organism regularly?

How to clean appropriately his colon and desintoxicar his organs?

What benefits will it experience and how will it improve his life?

What it will discover will be really wonderful, and the information offered on this page perhaps will be the answer to his prayers, as many persons attest it here. it is the most visited information source on cleanliness and detoxification of the organism in the last decade. It has improved the quality of life to more than persons' 1,000,000 in the whole world.

What he has to know about the contamination of the body

Every day we are exposed to big quantity of toxins and chemicals in the ambience in which we move: in the work, at home, across the air that we breathe, in the meal and in the water, and by means of the medicines that we take. Also we consume big quantity of sugar and processed meals, more than never in the history of the humanity, without mentioning also the abuses to which regularly we submit our bodies on having taken stimulants and sedatives.

If the contamination of our environment has never mattered for you very much, it is time for it to change his way of thinking and it puts attention to this problem. Per decades the scientists they have studying the pollutant reagents of the water, the meal, the ground and the air. The American industries produce approximately 3000 million tons of 9,000 chemicals different from the year. Year after year they contaminate the air and the water with trillion kilograms of industrial chemicals. It is now the fact is that the scientists have begun examining the contamination levels in the human beings and what they have discovered it is very worrying.

The studies demonstrate clearly that our bodies are not capable of eliminating the quantity of different toxins and chemicals that we consume and inhale every day. Simply they accumulate in our cells (especially in those of fat), the textiles, the blood, the organs (like the colon, the liver and the brain) and remain stored there by an indefinite time causing diverse problems of health. I cannot show them a photo of how the formation of this contamination is observed in the brain or in the liver, but if I can show them how one sees in the colon. In fact, we have a photos gallery on this topic.

What he must know about the parasites

All the toxins and the processed "dead" meal drive to a bad digestion causing a poisonous accumulation in the organism, including the colon. This poisonous material into the colon often turns in with words of National Geographic "a sinister world of monstrous creatures that feed on the living meat: the parasites"

The specializing magazine Discover published in an article about his number of August, 2000:

"Every living being has at least a living parasite in his interior and many, including the human beings, they still have more.
... The scientists begin to discover exactly how powerful they are these secret inhabitants, but his discoveries point at an extraordinary possibility: that the parasites perhaps go so far as to control the world. The idea of that these small creatures, to which we have not even taken into consideration, could become such a domineering force is immensely a troublemaker We are a collection of cells that work together, harmonized by chemical signs. If an organism can control the above mentioned signs an organism as the parasite then can control us. Here it is where precisely the peculiar horror of the parasites resides."

The combination of the environmental toxins, the slightly healthy diet and the parasites put the human being in big danger. "In fact, the parasites have been killed by more human beings than all the wars of the history", published National Geographic in his documentary prizewinner "The pickpockets of the body" (The Body Snatchers) If you should not create that in the modern age the persons could have parasites, he should read the thousands of real histories on the DrNatura pages. Soon it will discover that it is a problem major than you believed possibly (Here you will find detailed information and photos about parasites in human beings)

When does an internal cleanliness need?

If this is the first time that you meet this information transformadora of the life, it is very possible that this simple question has never been risen: Is it clean inside? Naturally, you worry about being clean on the outside: it bathes, one brushes the teeth and the head washes herself regularly, but: is it clean inside? In this modern and poisonous world a reality has been done the fact that our colon ("the pipes" of our organism), the liver and other organs also they need a cleanliness regularly. Likewise a car needs that one changes the oil to him periodically.

How do you know that it is a time to liberate his body of piled up toxins, parasites and of other residues? If he suffers from one or more of the following symptoms, then the hour of the detoxification has come:

Frequent fatigue and little energy
Flatulence, gases and inflammation
Excess weight
Food allergies
Digestive problems
Irritability, bad humor
Bad breath and stinking feces
Parasites in the feces
Frequent cold

Headaches appellants
Chronic constipation
Syndrome of the Irritable Intestine
Protuberant abdomen (belly)
Strong whims for meals
Problems in the skin, eruptions
Metallic flavor in the mouth
Infection for Candid

Then: how desintoxica the organism correctly?

Now when we know why it is crucial to clean and desintoxicar his organism regularly, we have to know how to do it appropriately. Next a rapid revision:

1. First do a colon cleanliness with certain specific grasses to remove the whole poisonous badge, residues and parasites. 
2. During the cleanliness of the colon it has to restore the beneficial bacteria that protect the balance of the intestinal flora. This one in turn protects you since it is a part of his immune system.
3. Finally, using desintoxicantes grasses, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, you desintoxica his liver, blood, brain, textiles and all his organism.

This can achieve it with diverse methods, but according to the experience, the easiest, effective and sure form is taking the programs of cleanliness and detoxification of DrNatura, called Colonix and Toxinout. They have been designed cientficamente for desintoxicar the whole organism applying the most recent studies. Two together programs offer to him the possibility of the most finished and natural detoxification that has been created, with a verified effectiveness. Colonix and Toxinout contain almost 100 natural ingredients in very specific quantities that have only one intention: The most meticulous detoxification of the human organism.

The Colonix program is designed by specific ends:

To clean the colon of the poisonous accumulation and to prepare the formation of a new accumulation by means of specific grasses.

To eliminate of the colon and other parts of the organism the harmful parasites, including intestinal earthworms and his larvae.

To help to restore the normal functioning of the intestines and the regularity in the evacuation of the dregs.

The Toxinout program works in sinerga with Colonix for:

To remove heavy metals, including lead and mercury, in addition to other toxins.

Desintoxicar the liver, the kidneys and other organs.

To restore the beneficial bacteria with the best supplements line probiticos and

To recharge the immune system by means of a strong supply of of antirust.

The benefits of the cleanliness and detoxification

Better form does not exist to demonstrate the benefits of the cleanliness and the detoxification than to leave that those who have already happened for this process count their own experiences. Read these short histories sent to DrNatura. The complete text of the histories will find it on the Testimonies pages.

"I lost 40 pounds and I feel OF MARVEL"

Chat "My fiance bought to me this program for Christmas in 2005. At first I said to him: "forget it..." . I was thinking it a few days and said to myself, well, what I have to lose, I am going to prove it, it is less that I can do. She bought the dose for three months. Allow me to say to them, in two weeks: I was feeling noisily! It was incredible . The first week when I began the program and I am trying not to be rude, there were going out for me things that seemed like big, gigantic marbles and also other things that I do not dare to mention. It gave me disgust but I kept on taking the program the rest of the first week, and later it came the second week.... It had pains in the low part of my back and in the sides . After the second week, everything improved. Third week:: The legs or the twins WERE NOT HURTING ME when it was running, trotting or walking! He could not believe that it was the colon what was causing me pains in other parts of the body. I said it to my doctor and he said to me that the fecal matter or they even can make you feel the constipation dweeb, tired, without desire of doing nothing. He said to me that they can make us sleep more, and feel tired when we get up. Since then I have asked nuevamante for the product addressed to my fiance, and I still keep on taking it. I have lost 40 pounds. Now I am very thin and feel OF MARVEL!
- Charles H., Smiths Station, ON, June 26, 2006

"In 8 days I have had a miraculous recovery"

Luanne "I have 49 years of age and recently I began experiencing a big abdominal inflammation and increasing of quickly, so prompt weight, he ate was feeling enfermaEstoy on the eighth day of the program and in 8 days I have had a miraculous recovery. I have intestinal movements regularly and now feel very good. In a little time I have more energy and the best thing is that I can sleep the whole night and do not have to be seated. Ah, I have lost belly and reduced my waist! In 8 days only. How will I meet and will feel after 3 months? I am filled with enthusiasm for seeing it! I know that I will keep on using the product spent 3 months, I will do it every year. In fact I believe that it can save many lives."
- Luanne B., Indianapolis, IN, On March 28, 2006

"My belly is flatter and soft"

Desiree "Formidable! I am addicted to his pages and to Colonix! I feel attracted very often by the histories of the persons when I compare what they say and what I have experienced . I am a nurse and I have seen many grotesque things but the photos of this page take the first award . I was waiting for big Mamma Jamma to be able to rise to the roof and shout it to the whole world . It was looking like a veal with stretch marks, had several colors from green to coffee and on having inspected it, it seemed that it was shut up in something and definitely kept. It seemed that in his interior there were a few sachets and that these were old women very well, since then (now I am in the 15th), I have noticed a clear difference between what I call "old residues" y "new residues" My belly it is flatter and soft and also I feel with more energy. Many people have said to me that I meet very well and healthy. I have suffered insomnia for aosAhora, my husband and I we have noticed that I am sleeping well and when I wake up in the morning I do not feel as if a truck had happened to me superficially. His product is wonderful. I say it to all the persons that I meet because I want that they also are clean."
- Desire W., Treasury Department Heights, CA, On January 4, 2006

Since it is proved by John's experiences (you will find many of his remarks in other histories), you have not to of losing heart if it has taken another product in the past and has not done effect to him. Colonix yes will do effect to him, because it is different. Why? Because it is the best and the surest, it has been rewarded and the leader of the market produces it, professionals of the health recommend it and thousands of testimonies endorse it. 

Do not wait any more, already take it!

Do not believe that the things in the life happen incidentally. If you have found for a reason, find the reason answering these questions:

How can I defecate regularly and not have to struggle to expel so much a few hard little bolls one or two times a week?
How can I escape from the suspense and the pain of the movement of my intestines caused by the syndrome of the annoyed intestine and live through a more comfortable life?
How can I get rid of the unbearable pains of the gases and of the inflammation of my stomach?
Why do not I lose weight although I eat I cure and do exercise regularly?
How can I have an abdomen flat?
Why do I feel tired and so lazily all the time?
How can I get rid of the acidic ebb, the haemorrhoids, the acne, the headaches etc.?

Perhaps you have already heard to speak about the importance of the internal cleanliness, know that it is beneficial and he be look for the best program desintoxicador. Perhaps a friend or familiar one has praised DrNatura and has said to him that he had to visit this page. Anyone that should be the reasons you know very well the questions. I am here to say to him that his search and suffering have finished because I have the ANSWER: It has to eliminate the toxins of his body and has to do it now, urgently!

His health and quality of life depend on this. The programs of cleanliness and detoxification of DrNatura are easy to continue, accessible, effective and sure. Do not wait any more: do it now before it is too much late!

The Dra. Johnstone is the Director of Global Natural College for Medicine. He has been a professional sanitary for more than 30 years.


Click in the illustration to do his order and see information about prices, instructions, ingredients and other options

Advanced system of internal cleanliness
Advanced system Of Internal Cleanliness
Number 1 Columbus Cleanser

I boast: From 66.00 € to 88.00 €
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Availability: In existence
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"Thanks for creating something that yes does effect"

John "Only a few lines to say to them that three of us in the office we begin the program Colonix two weeks ago. In fact I did not believe that nothing of what I was reading was true because there was already had tried it with other programs. I have 58 years of age. The latter week something went out of my body that was disgusting. He could not believe that these things and worms were inside me. Almost I fell ill on having seen it. What mitigation to see that I am getting rid of this! Of course we will keep on arranging this product to do the finished program of three months. After we have started, we have many partners of the office who want to begin when we do the following order. I do not say it very followed but thanks for creating anything that yes does effect. Well used money!"
- John R., Favor, CA, On February 23, 2006


Are you Cleanly Inside?

Personal history of
Dra. Lynn Hardy:

Dr Hardy "I spent approximately 30 years of my life suffering from severe constipation"

Even of girl all my family was making happy if I had an evacuation a week . I grew eating chocolate, Coca-Cola and salami, what caused ravages in all my digestive system. Although she was a thin girl, looking backwards, and seeing the photos, - I see that was always inflamed, and had an outstanding belly. I remember to have had stomach pains so severe that he had wanted to die so that the pain was stopping. On having come to the youth, the years of accumulation of toxins began affecting really the health to me.

Not only all the time was irritated and depressed but I began having certain pains that such a young person should not support. It had extreme pains in the joints of the knees and the dolls, haemorrhoids and an ulcer sangrante at the age of 21 years. My stomach was swelling up and was feeling sorry after every meal and most of my time were happening suffering. When finally it could go to the bath, often, it was happening like half an hour struggling to produce a few black and hard dregs. The evacuation was always "incomplete" and although I was getting better a little, always she was feeling that there was more inside. My energy level was so under that I had to go to bed often still after taking only two hours raised and the rest of the day I was happening crawling.

Approximately 10 years ago I began to devote myself to the natural healing and in spite of having changed my diet and taking nourishing supplements regularly, my state did not improve. Until I did not do my first internal cleanliness to myself the fact was that I realized what is to have the intestines completely "empty". After 3 months of cleanliness, everything changed in my life. The pains and discomforts disappeared, my haemorrhoids stopped bothering me, I recovered the energy level, my digestion improved and finally I could feel the effects of the supplements that it was taking and for the first time in my life I had a flat stomach. Emotionally, I turned into a full person with a healthy disposition towards the life. The persons around me could not believe the difference. The most miraculous thing of everything was, that I could remain a pregnant woman after they had said to me that he might never conceive because it had a severe endometriosis.

Many years have happened, but there are things that I have kept on doing in my life like: to eat saludablemente, desintoxicar my body regularly and to use the fibre Colonix two times a day to support the regularity of my evacuations. Although I try to eat meals with high place contained in fibre, take a fibre supplement makes sure me that I consume the suitable quantity. After having being take this fibre mark for eight years, part of my life has been done as it it is to clean the teeth. It is the first thing that I do in the morning and the last thing that I do before sleeping. I think that this is the only fibre in dust that has done effect to me. For any reason, the tablets or capsules do not do the same effect. (Although they would be more suitable especially for the trips). I am scared to think what would have happened to me if it had not found this product. I am almost sure that, already in these moments a colon cancer had developed me, or any other serious illness. (For this reason I endorse the program Colonix and other products of DrNatura of any heart)

The fibre not only helps to the regularity of the evauaciones, but also it is excellent to control the weight, to prepare cardiac illnesses, certain types of cancer and for the maintenance of the arterial tension. I will never stop taking it. Many experts recommend an apple a day to support the doctors far, but I would say "an organic apple and two teaspoonfuls of the fibre Colonix."

Dra. Lynn Hardy, ND, C.N.C.
Doctor Naturpata and Consultant Cerftificada in Nutrition

"A smaller waist and nothing of pains"

Maryann"I have suffered from chronic constipation since she was a girl, have tried everything existing and for having to be able to be a "normal" person and nothing has done effect to me in a lot of time. For me, this is a miracle and I cannot sing sufficiently strong his praises. I voy more in one day that what earlier was going in one month (without laxatives). Like that it is since like one he feels being clean every daEstoy so been grateful to DrNatura. What changes it has brought to my life!

This is what I have lost: stomach pain, inflammation, gases, earthworms (yes, I have seen them) parasites, backache, pain in the legs, headaches, some pounds sterling, fecal matter
old woman what another thing will have so many colors from black bullets up to elongated things of orange / yellow / green color.
In addition to something similar to a mushroom.

Here there is what I have gained: I feel of MARVEL, my waist is smaller, my belly is flatter, almost to every minute I am conscious of the absence of pains and inflammation, what it makes VERY HAPPY to me. It has been told to all my friends and when I am counting it I start to cry. I am very grateful. 54 years of constipation and finally my prayers have found answer."
- Maryann Rapp, On December 18, 2004

"Holstico in the real sense of the word"

Martha"I had left a healthy skepticism level when I visited his web page for the first time. I thought that it was other of these programs for persons who do not want to strain and look for something easy. I have been related to the natural feeding and the alternative medicine per decades and I thought that a prepacked product was like a doubtful minimum. Now I have swallowed my what he was thinking and have digested it well thanks to his program. I will leave the descriptions detailed to his other clients, but it is enough to say that I have been successful with this program although I did not have it with others. I believe that this owes to the ingredients combination and how they work, because the effect is incomparable. I have taken everything what his products contain previously in other programs like the program against parasites of Dr. Clark, the system of cleanliness of Rich Anderson, the infamous cleanliness of oil with lemon, etc. While these programs have done theirs effect to others, simply they did not do anything to me. They are also slightly very hard for the organism.

With his program I began successfully a long battle to come undone of this inlaid and virulent parasites of the foreigner and (be well I will begin giving details!) after the third month ended I began evacuating stones, something that had not managed with other programs although they were much more aggressive. His program does not cause pain, it is highly effective and it is, for lack of a better, harmonious, symbiotic and in sync adjective. Perfectly balanced to obtain ideal results, holstico in the purest sense of the word. The most exclusive aspect of this product is that it is simultaneously an acceptable introduction for the persons who do not have or have had experience with the natural personal care and, also, the scrutiny of the most polite happens and experienced in the topic. It was taking two days taking the program and she was already sure, I began sharing my experiences with friends and relatives; They asked for the product and now they are habitual clients. Between them there are doctors, naturpatas, sanitary professionals and beginners in the world of the personal care. Thanks for creating this group of products. They have done slightly wonderfully!"
- Martha Seikaly, On March 16, 2005

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