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The contradictions of the official speech of the White House towards the Arab world are clear, and they leave in doubt, as pacifier happens with all speech, the North American will to organize, to finance and to take to good term the complex antiterrorist struggle. Obama departs from a beginning that turns out to be debatable, although of easy assimilation, namely: Occident does not have any desire to face the Islam. It continues with an axiom that turns out to be the same way contradictory with the reality, this is, the nature of the Islam is good and only a wrong interpretation explains the trickle of water of blood and violence that presently characterizes this religion or ideology. And, finally, it assumes for Occident a responsibility in the political behavior and the genesis of the Islamic fundamentalism that not for acquaintance, natural Occident guilt, turns out to be less absurd and inefficient to explain the tension that characterizes the relation between both worlds. With a speech of this type, Obama gives up putting explicitly in judgment cloth the ideological essentials, slightly compatible with the freedom which the western societies enjoy, of the Islamic speech; it offers an ideological justification to the Islamist violence and desdibuja the exterior action of the USA in Africa and in the Middle East. It turns out to be comical to see the president of the USA, who did all the possible from avoiding in the electoral campaign the use of his Moslem past, presuming now of it, forgetting that any cultural war has not declared Occident, rather on the contrary; that the Islam possesses a doctrinal Corpus Christi opposite to the euro-North American liberal tradition and that the fault feeling is only the reflex of the weakness and the fear that western many people feel before the Islamic quandary. Contemporizar with the enemy neither has given good results in the past, nor can give them today; and the change of mentality, philosophy and behavior of elites and societies in the Islamic world constitutes a global problem of which regrettably alone sound responsible the Muslims. Perhaps this fear explains the proper Obama election, and it is possible that his Moslem past was seen by many North American voters like a magic formula to finish with a clash that has tints of lasting a lot of time. This weariness symptom is not good news for Occident, and so much affectation to like in a world essentially hostile turns out to be often grotesque. We do not know if Obama wants to give up; what if it seems clear is that to he and to many of his voters the idea seems appetizing, of course, on behalf of the world peace and the calmness. FAM

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