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The situation in Afghanistan has deteriorated greatly in last weeks, up to the point of which Spain, which government has always been reluctant to admit that there a war is escaping, finally has turned out to be forced to increase his effective ones in the area to reinforce the safety.


The celebration of the controversial presidential elections also has served to make to see to the western governments that Afghanistan needs major interest, time, money and will. The attacks talibans, far from decreasing, increase, although much limited to certain areas. The western governments have to raise a new strategy for this country, that many see that it has to be similar to the employee in Iraq; that is to say, to give more power to the Afghan government so that they are they themselves who deal with his safety.


Pero Afganistán is not Iraq, and the Afghan political and social scenery does not urge to think that they could be themselves capable of its own safety being guaranteed; it has not been obtained for centuries, and now it was not going to be an exception. There are already great the voices that they cry out for establishing a calendar for the exit of the international troops of the country, giving more priority to the civil elements than to the military men, and to be transferring to the Afghan securities force the control of certain regions.


The problem, as we have already said several times on these pages, the fact is that a defeat, at least partial, in Afghanistan, would be a very hard blow for the NATO and his credibility. The finished pacification of the country does not seem possible that 100 % is achieved, many would be content that a government in Kabul was staying more or less stable with a limited international support. But neither the talibans, nor the masters of the war, nor the drug traffickers, are for the work. They all agree in that a global strategy is necessary to be able to attack to all the problems of the area that are interconnected; hardly it will be possible to stabilize Afghanistan if, for example, the frontier Pakidstán areas continue out of the control of the government of Islamabad; or if Iran proves to be so hostile to collaborate with Occident.


Afghanistan will need a global and long-term solution. The question is: how long will the countries of the NATO bear the pressure of the public opinion before the increasing number of falls between his soldiers? The United States has demonstrated to be ready to put all your eggs in one basket for to solve the Afghan problem, and demands from his Allied Forces of the NATO that should do the same. FAM


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